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Release March 15th

Luiza Girardello's music usually fits into genres like Alternative Rock, while also taking some influence from Jazz and rhythms from her native Brazil. Despite growing up listening to it, she never saw herself making anything related to Hip Hop. Until now.

An exercise in pushing her own boundaries as a writer, the song came to life under the guidance of songwriting guru Pat Pattison, during a course at Berklee College of Music. The class is infamous within the school, since all enrolled students are required to write and perform their own Rap in order to pass it.

The finished product is a soulful yet gritty intimate song about her struggles with physical and mental health, and the alchemy of turning hardship into growth. 2024 marks the 10-year anniversary of the singer's remission from ovarian cancer, and the release serves as a celebration of surviving and thriving of the past decade. 100% of the proceeds from the song sales on Bandcamp will be donated to OCRA, the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.

Resilience is the ability of an object to spring back into shape, or of individuals to quickly recover from adversity. In the verses, Luiza explores her background coming from a third-world country, the upbringing that made her a perfectionist, and the physical and mental health complications from going through chemotherapy and confronting mortality.


These heavier themes are juxtaposed with a smooth, jazzy rhythm section grooving to a appealing backbeat, with Luiza's characteristic melodic delivery coming into play in the chorus.

Resilience will be available on all major streaming platforms on March 15th, but can be previewed through the player below:

Resilience Cover Final.jpg

Who is Luiza?

Embracing the colors and rhythms from her native South America, the search for deep connection and unconditional presence are central to Luiza's work as an artist.

Growing up in an artistic family, yet struggling to commit to an artistic career full-time, it took Luiza a simultaneous battle with cancer and a mental health crisis to wholeheartedly embrace her call to be a musician, writing her first original song in between chemotherapy sessions.

Luiza performs regularly in the US and in Brazil, and her singles Conversa FiadaThe War To End All Wars and I See You are available through all major streaming platforms. Her debut album will be released later this year.

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